Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Department of Bad News: Jeremy Jarmon


Sunday in game eleven at Philadelphia, second quarter on the Redskins kickoff following the Santana Moss four yard touchdown catch from quarterback Jason Campbell, rookie defensive end Jeremy Jarmon, in kickoff coverage, fell awkwardly and tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, he has been placed on injured reserve and will miss the final five games of the season.

As previously described in Ladell Betts' injury piece, the ACL's job, like all knee ligaments, is to connect bone to bone and stabilize the knee, the ACL's specific duty is to keep the the lower leg moving forward and backward in line and to prevent rotation of the upper leg relative to the lower leg.

Jeremy was the Redskins first ever pick in July's supplemental draft, giving up a 2010 third round pick to acquire him. Jeremy has had no starts though he has looked promising on the field, he is projected as a left defensive end, against a right handed quarterback generally the NFL position responsible for sealing the line against the running game to give the strongside linebacker and strong safety a read, this position is currently held down admirably by 36 year old Phillip Daniels.

Jeremy will undergo surgery and rehabilitation and should be ready to go for 2010 training camp, Jeremy joins quarterback Colt Brennan, right guard Randy Thomas, left tackle Chris Samuels, strong safety Chris Horton, tailback Ladell Betts, right guard Chad Rinehart, fullback Eddie Williams, and tight end Chris Cooley, that makes nine players out with five games to go.

Jeremy Jarmon after sacking Chris Simms: Getty Images from here.