Friday, December 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Cornelius Griffin

Hi I'm Cornelius

Please join me in wishing Redskins defensive tackle Cornelius, that is cor-nell-yus mind you, Griffin, a happy birthday, Cornelius turned 33 years old yesterday.

Cornelius is in his sixth season with the Redskins after four with the New York Giants to start his career, Cornelius was a second round draft pick out of the University of Alabama in 2000 and his arrival in Washington was coincident with the return of Joe Gibbs to the Redskins sideline.

No question Cornelius' best year was 2004 when he pulled down a career best 56 solo tackles, 70 overall, and had six sacks playing on a defensive line featuring Cornelius, Joe Salave'a, Renaldo Wynn and Demetric Evans. Cornelius had two two-sack games, both road wins and Washington's defense was ranked in the top ten as measured in rushing yards allowed, passing yards allowed and total yards allowed.

Cornelius is listed at six feet four inches and 303 pounds and is fit as hell, in all Cornelius has been a durable player, he has missed only nine of a possible 96 games, he has continued to anchor the middle of the defensive line as a space eater and the addition of defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth distributes some of the attention away from Cornelius, Washington has established a good tackle rotation along the line.

Happy birthday Cornelius!

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