Monday, December 14, 2009

Closeout in Oakland


Takeaway Drill: What was that about the Raiders again? Whatever got into the Eagles and Bengals did not get into the Redskins; Brian Orakpo IS your NFL rookie of the year.

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Monday Walkthrough: All phases of the game work as the Redskins put down their AFC twin the Oakland Raiders in a walkover win 34-13 to move the Redskins to 4-9, it was a wet and empty stadium with bad turf and a lot of players slipping. The Redskins are now 2-0 when they knock out the opponent's quarterback on the last play of the first half.

The Raiders won the toss and elected to receive to start the first quarter, for Oakland's first possession they get one good play on a pass from point shaver Bruce Gradkowski to the fullback for twenty yards, no other play goes for more than three yards and the Raiders are punting. Washington's first possession is a three and out plus one for a delay of game, Jason Campbell gets sacked and then misses Santana Moss wide open on the next play and the Redskins are punting. Oakland's second drive almost results in a turnover, is five plays that nets two yards and the Raiders are punting. Washington's second possession is a rotten looking three and out, punt. The Raiders get the ball for the third time, on first down point shaver Bruce Gradkowsi finds Darren McFadden for a 43 yard play, LaRon Landry appears impotent, three plays later Sebastian Janikowsi kicks a 33 yard field goal and the Raiders take an early 3-0 lead. Washington's third possession looks as doomed as the first two then on third and one Jason Campbell tosses a swing pass to tailback Quinton Ganther who takes the ball 26 yards deep into Oakland territory, a Raider penalty helps out as does an awkward Jason Campbell scramble before Jason finds tight end Fred Davis for a six yard touchdown to put the Redskins up 7-3. Fred's got my dick out dance drew an unsportsmanlike penalty which after Gary Russell's good return gives Oakland the ball at midfield for their fourth possession, Darren McFadden catches another long pass on first down to the Redskins 24 and that is where the quarter ends with the Redskins leading 7-3.

The Raiders fourth possession continues into the second quarter, they move to first and goal, Bruce Gradkowski drops the ball, on fourth and goal Oakland goes for it and Justin Fargas gets in and the Raiders take a 10-7 lead as the rain starts coming down harder. Washington's fourth drive is a struggle with no big plays, new kicker Graham Gano, pronounced guh-noh, boots a 46 yard field goal to tie the game at 10-10. On the ensuing kickoff safety Kareem Moore gets a helmet on the ball and it pops out from returner Gary Russell, the ball falls out of bounds and the Raiders keep it starting deep in their own territory for their fifth possession, a three and out, punt. Washington's fifth drive opens with Marcus Mason in the backfield, three and out with two Redskins penalties, punterrific. Oakland gets the ball for the sixth time, almost a three and out but thanks to another Redskins penalty keeps moving but you would not know it because it was only a five yard drive thanks to a replay overturn and the Raiders punt with less than two minutes left. Washington's sixth possession starts at their own 40 thanks to yet another Raiders penalty, Jason Campbell chucks one 29 yards to Devin Thomas who almost breaks it then two plays later Jason Campbell finds Fred Davis for a seventeen yard touchdown pass and the Redskins take a 17-10 lead. Oakland gets the ball for the seventh time with less than a minute left, Bruce Gradkowski does his part which we assume does not include shaving points and the Raiders set up for a 66 yard field goal, it is short, Fred Smoot returns it 64 yards before being pushed out of bounds and that is the end of the half with the Redskins leading 17-10.

The Redskins get the ball to start the third quarter, their seventh possession, a pass interference penalty on Oakland helps, on third and ten Raiders safety Mike Mitchell comes through unblocked to sack Jason Campbell and the Redskins are punting. Oakland gets the ball for the eighth time, they only move eighteen yards on eight hard fought plays before Sebastian Janikowski kicks a 54 yard field goal, that kick may have been good from another ten yards and the Raiders pull to 17-13 Redskins. Washington's eighth possession is a three and out thanks to lots of pressure from the right side, punt. The Raiders get the ball for the ninth time, JaMarcus Russell moves them down the field in little chunks, thanks to a heads up play by London Fletcher Oakland is forced to punt. Washington's ninth possession is a steady diet of Quinton Ganther, he carries the ball four times on six plays up to midfield and that is the end of the third quarter as the Redskins maintain their lead 17-13.

Washington continues its ninth drive into the fourth quarter, the Redskins shake it up on the way downfield, Marcus Mason, Malcolm Kelly and Santana Moss get involved before Quinton Ganther carries in from one yard out for the touchdown, Redskins extend their lead to 24-13. Oakland's tenth possession was one play, JaMarcus Russell's pass to Clint Schilens was intercepted by a diving LaRon Landry, Raiders coach Tom Cable challenged the call, it was upheld. Redskins get the ball for the tenth time and wow, they can move the ball, a log pass to Santana Moss then Quinton Ganther carries in from one yard out, Redskins touchdown and they extend their lead to 31-13. The Raiders get the ball for the eleventh time, Brian Orakpo scores his fourth sack of the game and JaMarcus Russell fumbles, Andre Carter nearly scoops the ball but misses and Oakland recovers, they wind up punting. Washington's eleventh possession... is on hold as Antwaan Randle El muff the punt catch and the Raiders recover the ball. Oakland gets the ball for the twelfth time, they turn the ball over on downs after Lorenzo Alexander aka Scarface and Andre Carter both sack JaMarcus Russell. Washington's eleventh drive, they show no sign of slowing up, like they do not care, like they want to score again, a Devin Thomas end around then five straight Marcus Mason runs, the Redskins stall at the Oakland 23, new kicker Graham Gano kicks a 41 yard field to extend Washington's lead to 21 points, 34-13. The Raiders thirteenth and final drive is desperate and does not work, they turn the ball over on downs after five plays and ten yards. Washington's twelfth and final drive is two victory formation kneeldowns and then it's over, Redskins win in a blowout 34-13.


Soapbox: For the fourth consecutive time the Redskins took a lead into the fourth quarter, against the Eagles, Cowboys and Saints they were unable to hold it, to close out the game.

Today the Redskins sealed the deal, it was a complete effort.

Two touchdowns by Fred Davis. Solid running game by committee, two touchdowns by new starter Quinton Ganther. Ferocious defense with no big play giveups. Seventeen points in the fourth quarter, they had seventeen going in meaning the Redskins doubled their points in fifteen minutes. Eight sacks, most for a Redskins team since 1990. Biggest margin of victory, 21 points, since 2007. First road win of the year. Most points in the Jim Zorn era.

Go down the box score, lots to love, nine pass catchers but the Raiders won the time of possession, losing the TOP is always acceptable when you win. The Raiders screwed themselves with fourteen penalties for over one hundred yards, Oakland had more penalty yards than rushing yards.

This game was not without its bugaboos though. Tight end Fred Davis' first quarter celebration drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty set up a short kickoff, that Raiders drive resulted in a touchdown. Overall the Redskins committed seven penalties, except for Fred's penalty they were all ticky tack.

Antwaan Randle El's muffed punt in the fourth quarter ultimately did not hurt, Oakland wound up turning the ball over on downs, we have got to get Antwaan out of there, he is making bad decisions and hurting the team.

The offensive line continues to prove it could not block its way out of a paper bag. Left tackle Levi Jones and right tackle Stephon Heyer both made serious mistakes that led to Jason Campbell being knocked onto his ass. I really feel bad for Jason, even though he is having a career year he knows every game he is going to get creamed.

Andre Carter had a chance in the fourth quarter to fall on a fumble and give the Redskins first and goal, he wanted so badly to score that he violated a basic rule of football and that is JUST FALL ON IT.

The dark lining around this great win is that to my observations this team is incapable of winning when anything is on the line, once there was no hope of playoffs, no hope of saving the coach and only pride to play for, then they started playing well. That is all about leadership, or rather that lack thereof.


Chattering Class: Stay tuned, we will bring you reaction from the tastemakers Monday afternoon.


Omnibus: Broadcasters: the FOX Z team featuring Dick Stockton and some guy named Charles Davis

Uniform watch: For the road game Washington is wearing the preferred home combination of white jersey and burgundy pants.

Kedric Golston starts in place of Albert Haynesworth, Kedric is the regular third tackle in the rotation, Kedric can play a little.

The stands are EMPTY in Oakland.

Nice blocking by Levi Jones, on the second play of the Redskins first possession he just chose not to block Trevor Scott who came in and sacked Jason Campbell. On the next play Jason Campbell had Santana Moss wide open and missed him, poor field vision by Jason.

Two plays into Oakland's second drive Justin Fargas fumbled, Fred Smoot was inches from having both feet in bounds, disappointing but the right call to give the ball back to the Raiders.

Through two Oakland possessions it looks a lot like the Redskins have gameplanned a lot of pass pressure, I am seeing a lot of five and seven man rushes.

Through two possession for each team the lack of offense in this game is drawing guffaws here on Swarthmore Drive.

Jason Campbell looks just painfully awkward when he runs, like he cannot decide if maybe sliding will hurt more.

Bruce Gradkowski does not throw the ball with a lot of zip, I expect there will be opportunities today for interceptions.

Nice work by Fred Davis, his got my dick out dance after scoring led to the great Oakland return, they scored on that possession, I basically blame Fred for that Raiders score.

On the Redskins fourth possession Nnamde Asomugha blatantly held Santana Moss, the penalty was not called.

Three minutes left second quarter and there have already been twelve penalties in the game. Not exactly beautiful football. The illegal man downfield penalty in the second quarter on Derrick Dockery was total bullshit, turned to the right to see where the play developed and stepped once to his left so he could see, the sidestep moved him past the one yard you are permitted, he had his frigging hands on his hips. That is a silly rule.

Pretty sure Zack Miller dropped that pass in Oakland's sixth drive, second quarter because he could see Reed Doughty had a killshot queued up.

Penalty fest: two consecutive penalties on Oakland's Hiram Eugene, the second for interfering with Antwaan Randle El's opportunity to catch a punt, triggered a third penalty on Oakland, unsportsmanlike on the Oakland bench, specifically assistant coach John Fassel, the son of almost Redskins coach Jim Fassel.

Total of sixteen penalties in the first half. Three fumbles for Oakland. Not good football.

In the Redskins opening drive of the second half, their seventh possession, the sack of Jason Campbell was due to a combination blitz of a cornerback and safety, tailback Quinton Ganther shifted to his right to pick up the blitzing cornerback,leaving the blitzing safety unblocked. Blammo.

Oakland quarterback Bruce Gradkowski was injured in the last play of the half, his own lineman fell on his leg, JaMarcus Russell came in, Bruce will be out for the rest of the day.

Pow: LaRon Landry came up and applied a massive hit on Darren McFadden, causing him to drop the pass, bringing up fourth down, Brian Orakpo had a sack of JaMarcus Russell on this drive as well, good defense.

The hit and sack on Jason Campbell in the Redskins eighth possession, third quarter, were both on Stephon Heyer from the right side. Poor.

London Leatherboy: Head's up play by London Fletcher in the Raiders ninth possession, on third and 35 (lol) JaMarcus Russell connects with tight end Zack Miller, it was originally ruled a catch, it would have been a first down but would easily have been within kicker Sebastian Janikowski's range, replay showed London had his hand in there and knocked it out, Jim Zorn challenged the play and it was overturned, good play, good call.

Winning then losing: the broadcasters reminded us three plays into the fourth quarter that the Redskins have carried leads into the fourth quarter four straight times. Of course they lost the last three.

Andre! In the Raiders eleventh possession, fourth quarter, Brian Orakpo pours through the line for his fourth sack, JaMarcus Russell fumbles and the ball squirts to within two yards of the end zone, defensive end Andre Carter gets overexcited about scoring a defensive touchdown and tries to scoop the ball up, he misses and the Raiders recover.

Thanks to Tony Almeida for the stat, this game marks the first time since 2006 that the Redskins have scored 30 or more points two games in a row, that year the Mark Brunell led Redskins scored 31 on the road against the Texans as Mark tied the record for consecutive completions with 22 and then scored 36 at home against the Jaguars as Santana Moss caught a 68 yard touchdown pass in overtime in one of the more exciting games ever at Redskins Stadium.

Mercy, a three touchdown blowout, a good day for Washington's offense and defense.


Shooter: Another efficient outing, on a rainy day, for quarterback Jason Campbell, beatings resulting from poor blocking notwithstanding, 16 of 28 for 222 yards and two touchdowns, no interceptions and no fumbles, second consecutive game over one hundred passer rating, 106.5, this is Jason's fourth game of the season with a one hundred plus passer rating. I am telling you Redskins fans, Jason Campbell is everything the Redskins need in a quarterback in this or any system.

Fat Contract Albert: Missed his third game of the season. Put that in your hundred million dollar pipe and smoke it.

OH CRAPPO: Brian Orakpo scored four sacks and a forced fumble in this game, he is simply awesome, he already had seven, the Redskins rookie record and tops among NFL rookies, add in four to make it eleven and he is a lock for NFL rookie of the year. Only three other Redskins have ever scored four sacks in one game, Dexter Manley, Ken Harvey and Phillip Daniels (op. cit.). We Brian.


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Next up, the Giants come to town for Monday Night Football, the Giants are fading and it is our chance to help them stay comfortable in that easy chair. The Redskins have not beaten the Giants since December 2007.

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