Tuesday, December 01, 2009

This One Could Be a Bit of a Challenge

Um, yeah

Sunday the Redskins fell to the Philadelphia Eagles 27-24 after leading most of the game then giving up on defense three times when they needed a stand the most. This was not good obviously as a Redskins fan. Though in the context of the season, it was another close NFC Beast divisional game, which are more often than not tight games even as the Redskins have become the definition of inferior.

This week's opponent is the New Orleans Saints. Last night I watched Drew Brees and company dismantle the New England Patriots, such an ass whooping did New Orleans lay on New England that Mr. Icy Heart himself, Patriots coach Bill Belichick felt obligated to linger in shame with Saints coach Sean Payton rather than give the perfunctory fuck you handshake at midfield after the game, and was seen making small talk with Saints quarterback Drew Brees on the field afterward.

So mighty are these 11-0 Saints that the Patriots, also known as King Assholes of the World are humbled before them. And we are the next victim.

Redskins fans, if you are holding on to anything this week think of this:

The Redskins opened 11-0 in 1991 before losing their first game.

And you may ask, how often do undefeated streaks make it through twelve games? Is it even a big deal?

Most recently The Patriots did it in 2007, an undefeated 16-0 on the way to Super Bowl defeat.

The Colts did it in 2005, winning thirteen straight before losing two while resting players for the playoffs.

The Broncos did it in 1998, opening the season with thirteen straight wins on the way to Super Bowl victory. That was Terrell Davis' 2000 yard rushing season.

Of course the Dolphins did it in 1972, an undefeated 14-0 on the way to Super Bowl victory over the Redskins.

And the Bears did it in 1934, going undefeated at 13-0.

That's it. All the great seasons of all the great teams in the NFL and a 12-0 start to the season has happened all of five times.

This week there are two opportunities for it to happen again and one of them is against the Redskins.

Statistical by product of this post: Did you know the Cardinals have never ever won twelve or more games in a season? They have been around since 1924.

Drew Brees: Getty Images from here.