Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blogger Deathsport: Week Sixteen Results

There will be a Deathsport champion

Blogger Deathsport: NFL Pick'em wraps for week sixteen, next to last week, your host wins outright for the first time in nine weeks.

1. Curly R with 11 wins and 5 losses. Opening up a bit of a lead.

2. Post Game Heroes at 8-8. Going to need a big week 17 to pull it off.

3. Skin Patrol at 6-9. Missed the Cowboys game. Curve flattens here.

4. CommonPrejudice at 6-10. Average goes down again.

5. TexSkins at 5-11. Eighteen points off his average.

Brag post summary: Curly R, Post Game Heroes and TexSkins now all have two brag posts in reserve. Brag post credits never expire.

Season records through sixteen weeks:

1. (1) Curly R: 129-100-11 or 56.3% with three weekly wins.
2. (2) Post Game Heroes: 123-106-11 or 53.7% with four weekly wins.
3. (3) TexSkins: 110-112-11 or 49.5% with two weekly wins.
4. (4) Skin Patrol: 91-110-9 or 45.3% with no weekly wins.
5. (5) CommonPrejudice: 103-126-11 or 45.0% with one weekly win.

Pushes are excluded from percentage as they can neither be won nor lost, picks for Saturday's and Sunday's games are due any minute.

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