Friday, December 14, 2007

Somebody Give Dan Reeves a Job

Keep the old school open

This morning on my way to work I heard Bob Pappa and Dan Reeves on The Opening Drive on Sirius NFL Radio (channel 124 natch). Dan is one of my favorite football minds, I even coined a phrase after him, Dan Reeves Syndrome which is what happens when you coach a team at the highest level for a sustained length of time (110-73-1 with the Broncos from 1981 to 1992 with three Super Bowl appearances) but then get fired because you can't land the big one. That's how you wind up with (the pre 2007) Wade Phillips as coach. How did that work out for Denver? Why I can tell you, 16-16 with one playoff loss.

And far from the old man of football content to sit in a studio and talk about the old days, Dan is still interested in coaching. This morning Bob Pappa mentioned he was pulling for Dan to get the Chargers job which eventually went to Norval Turner, and Dan said he had been interested but that the Chargers were not interested in him.

While prepping this piece I checked out Dan's Wikipedia page and it says he is a candidate for the University of Michigan job. He is definitely interested in returning to the sidelines somewhere, let it be the NFL. Dan is as old school smashmouth as they come. I'll bet he's still got it.

Dan Reeves on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a player from here via here.