Monday, December 03, 2007

Vote Sean Taylor Into the Pro Bowl

Because he was that much better

Pro Bowl voting is open and Sean Taylor is on the ballot for NFC Free Safety. Go there right now and vote him in.

Don't do it because he is dead, don't do it as a 'tribute.'

Do it becuase when he died he was tied for the league lead in interceptions with five. If he had not been so surprised that Brett Favre passes were dropping into his hands he would have had three more and would still be leading the league after missing three games.

Do it because once Sean and Gregg Williams figured out Sean had a specific role to play that he changed how opponents attack the Redskins secondary. His ability to close on a play, the fact that he can be somewhere when you throw that pass but somewhere else, like right on top of your receiver when that pass arrives, gave the Redskins a defensive advantage that they will not easily be able to replicate.

Do it because he was the fiercest hitter in the league since Ray Lewis. Over the three plus years we watched him play for our team it was obvious that his gravity affected the play around him. The phrase 'hearing footsteps' does not do Sean's hitting ability justice, it is more like 'hearing that freight train.'

Send him back to the Pro Bowl.

Sean Taylor in his rookie year:, citation coming