Friday, December 28, 2007

Let It Be Todd Collins - For Now

Love those kneesocks, the old school is in session

I am beginning to hear the chatter about who should play quarterback for the Redskins. It has been three weeks since Jason Campbell had his left kneecap dislocated and ascendant backup Todd Collins has won all three games.

Joe Gibbs has the right attitude, there can be no controversy right now because Jason is not ready to come back, he just started throwing again this week. That means there is nothing to talk about for the Dallas game, Todd is playing and there is no point in talking about game 17 because there is no game 17 unless the Redskins win game 16.

Joe Gibbs won't delve into hyptheticals but I will. Todd Collins should stay in charge of this team for now. He has a hot hand and the offense is looking good. No reason to change now when the season is down to five games for the championship.

Many things can happen between now and then. Todd could get hurt, he could get figured out by an opponent and blowed up. He could play well and the Redskins could still lose. In one or more of these scenarios Jason could come back whether the team wanted him to or not.

Jason will be at the helm of this team for years to come. Right now the Redskins have a steady hand on the wheel and they need to win games, not stroke egos. Jason, this is a message from a Jason Campbell fan: watch what Todd Collins does with this offense. Pay attention. We do not want nor expect you to be Todd Collins. Yet there is no denying Todd is rocking the muthafucking house right now.

Jason Campbell is the Redskins quarterback of the future, Todd Collins is the Redskins quarterback for the next game.

More detail on this issue later today or tonight, I have a whole spiel on it, I just wanted to get this out there.

Quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor, Todd Collins and Jason Campbell: Washington Post from here.