Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Guest Post: Open Letter to Joe Gibbs

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From reader Tab:


Dear Coach Joe:

Please know that all of Redskin faithful love you now and forever for not just for all the W's and glory years you earned for our beloved Burgundy & Gold, but for the class in which you did it such that we all remain grounded even in the face of sensational success. You humbleness and forth rightfulness is clearly thought of highly throughout all coaches in the NFL and colleges, and emulated by other past and present coaches, such as Tony Dungy, Dick Jauron (who ironically visited with us yesterday), and Andy Reid. Please take the next couple paragraphs as statement of observations from a loved one, not criticism.

You are approaching 70, and as you would surely agree, not the same guy you were at 40 or 50. Heck, I see that in speaking with people I have known for a long time and will always look up to, like my father and other family & business associates: they are not nearly as quick today in their late 60's as they were yesterday. Often I must repeat myself or clarify an issue that in their younger years I would have not had to do. And in all cases, they are not an NFL head coach AND a General manager to boot. So Coach Joe, I can think of nothing better at this point in our lives then for you to cede the reigns as coach and take over as our GM full time until you feel we have a fine fulltime GM in place for years. So you will still be there to watch over us, assure we are grounded and always striving to be better. And exude in a year long quest that while not as hectic is very critical right now for us: find us players. More guys like Joe Jacoby & Jeff Bostic and Mark Murphy and many others. They are out there, but Vince does not now how to find them, and I suspect is too laden with ego--and some fear of Dan--to ask for help. You wouldn't think twice about calling up Bobby B[eathard] and asking him to weigh in on a Div III player you saw, or to ask for advice were to look for some diamonds in the rough.

As far as coaching goes, I humbly submit that there isn't a head coach candidate worthy of donning the Burgundy & Gold on your staff right now. They are all great assistants--I think--but not head coaches. So how about giving Russ a call and ask that he not settle in the comforts of Arizona right now, and come on back and take over your staff as Head Coach. No one would be more respectful of those who are here now as well as taking heed to your wisdom, but running the show on practices and game days in a manner worthy of your standards and style that he grew up in and succeeded quite nicely. I know you are a patient, polite man, but Russ will--and this is the most hard thing for me to say---get more out of the players right now. I think too many are underachieving on top of everything else and need a firm kick in the pants--we both know Russ will do it and with aplomb. Please prayerfully consider this and God Bless you, Pat, and your beloved family.

Forever you biggest fan,



There is some wisdom here. I have quarreled over Joe Gibbs' skill in picking players before, though I think with the right combination of people in place that the team could once again be successful in building a team through the draft and second tier free agency (anyone remember Plan B and I don't mean the morning after pill).

Russ Grimm is ready and I would as soon have him as Bill Cowher, Jeff Fisher or any other top tier candidate with no legacy ties to the Redskins. Russ would come in knowing firsthand where the team needs to be and what the fans want from Redskins football.

Thanks to reader Tab for the post, keep em coming.

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