Friday, August 01, 2008


Never gonna miss the cut

It started when I read at Hog Heaven that Tony Brown was mentioning former University of Hawaii record setting and now rookie Redskins sixth round pick quarterback Colt Brennan mainly because more hits were coming from searching Colt's name than any other Redskins keyword.

I chastised him for mentioning Colt Brennan for no reason and then Will at Hogs Haven upbraided me for making obvious Colt Brennan references. Then Tombo Ahi at the UH Football blog picked up my Colt Brennan story, proving that Coltrolling works.

Next ExtremeSkins commenter rd421 wondered why every time he clicks through for video of Colt Brennan it is video of Jason Campbell. Forty-four minutes later ExtremeSkins commenter modazfuk spuriously accused all us of steering traffic Colt Brennan.

Less than an hour ago Mark Newgent at DC Redskins Examiner is the latest to try and hump Colt Brennan's football leg.

And now for the big video finale:

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