Sunday, January 24, 2010

Championship Games Open Thread

Super Bowl on the line

Two great games on Championship Sunday, this is the last time there will be two NFL games in the same day until the start of the 2010 season, enjoy watching the two berths into the Super Bowl determined.

New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts, 3:00pm ET, CBS

Consensus line: Colts minus 8.5
Curly R spread pick: Colts
Curly R straight up pick: Colts

The kind of game football fans love, when the Colts pulled Peyton Manning and their starters with two games to go in the regular season, the Jets capitalized on it and came back to win, they have not lost since and so in a very real way the Colts are responsible for the Jets and all their confidence being here.

Still despite how the Jets have been able to win twice on the road and humble higher seeds, I see no way they can outlast the Colts. The Colts have won just about every way this season and they will find a way to win against the Jets, you simply cannot bet against Peyton Manning, he is better than any defense can be.

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints, 6:40pm ET, FOX

Consensus line: Saints minus 3.5
Curly R spread pick: Saints
Curly R straight up pick: Saints

Another really hard game for me to call. If the same Saints team from last week shows up there is no way the Vikings can run with them, the Saints can move the ball at will and have too many weapons. Even if the Vikings get the same pass rush as last week I think volume wise there will simply be too many opportunities for Drew Brees to make a play downfield. Simply cannot pick against the home team here.

And you know Brett Favre is loving being the underdog here, all he wants to do is go out and throw the ball around, which is pretty much what they did last week, it is clear that Adrian Peterson or no Adrian Peterson, the Vikings are going to live or die in these playoffs on Brett's arm. Of the two games, this was the harder for me to pick.

Both of these are excellent games and I have no dog in either fight, all would make great stories, let's see some frigging football.

This is a championship gameday open thread.

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