Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saturday Wildcard Playoffs Open Thread


Update by Ben, Sunday 9am: Boy was I wrong about both of these games, the Jets backed up Rex Ryan's trash talking, I would expect the Bengals kicker to face some competition in camp next season, if he makes it that long. In the other game, a strange combination of the Cowboys looking stronger than I expected with the Eagles looking weaker than I expected. Dallas just has too many weapons on offense, the Cowboys are neighbor Bill's pick for the Super Bowl, which would just kill me.

Saturday playoff football, pour a drink and make yourselves at home, we got two great games today, both are rematches of week seventeen action.

New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals, 4:30pm ET, NBC

Consensus point spread: CIN -2.5
Curly R spread pick: Bengals
Curly R straight up picks: Bengals

This game was played last week in New York, a game the Jets won 37-0, the Bengals were seeded and had nothing to play for and it showed. I have a soft spot for the Bengals, they have long suffering and passionate fans, a great stadium I got to see up close and personal last season, the team and its fans are going through the loss of 26 year old receiver Chris Henry who died on 17 December 2009 from injuries suffered from a fall, or possibly a leap, from the back of a moving pickup truck.

As for the Jets, after starting 3-0 the Jets and rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez who was coveted by Redskins owner Dan Snyder, went into a 1-6 tailspin, Mark was benched for one game, the team recovered with a 5-1 streak to end the season and qualify for the playoffs.

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys, 8:00pm ET, NBC

Consensus point spread: DAL -3.5
Curly R spread pick: Eagles
Curly R straight up pick: Eagles

This game was played last week in the same place with the Cowboys beating the tar out of the Eagles 24-0, the Eagles were listless and managed no pressure on quarterback Tony Romo, the NFC Beast division title and a home game were on the line so I have no idea why Philadelphia was unable to get it up. I have no fear though, even though the Eagles are on the road, the team is 7-0 in their opening playoff game, they have never been eliminated in their first playoff game since Andy Reid took over.

The Cowboys, well they are built for disappointment, Jerral W. Jones has said he has no desire to make a change at head coach, he has said he really wants to see that desire validated with a playoff win, which would be Dallas' first since 1996. Personally I think Jerral W. Jones is looking for a reason to move on from Wade Phillips and has his eye on hiring Mike Shanahan should Mike choose to return to the sidelines in 2010.


This is a playoff gameday open thread.

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