Monday, January 11, 2010


Definition of cock up

Thanks to Rich Tandler for the heads up, commenting on Curly R went down at some point since last week, I had been worrying about this and done nothing about it out of incredible laziness and a sincere hatred of blog maintenance.

Haloscan, one of the oldest and simplest blog commenting platforms on the internets was acquired by JS-Kit in 2008, they had been nagging me for some time to migrate to their native platform and I declined, then those fuckers debuted a pay-only model and a new platform for comments, if I did not pay ten bucks a year I was going to lose commenting abilities as they shut down Haloscan.

Sayonara Haloscan and JS-Kit, I am not paying for comments, not even ten bucks a year, maybe when Curly R makes me a wealthy man I will take a look back at pay platforms, right now there is zero dollars in the budget for infrastructure, for those that do not know Curly R is a volunteer effort, I have zero advertisers, zero sponsors and take in exactly zero dollars revenue on this site.

After a brief search I was unable to find anything free, industry standard and compelling to switch over to, so I have moved Curly R back to Blogger comments for the time being. They are improved since I switched them off on day one back in 2006, I would still prefer to use another platform but I am not going to get held over a barrel and having a line open to readers via comments is important.

Thankfully the JS-Kit fuckers let me export my Haloscan comments into XML files, however there appears to be no easy way to import Haloscan comments into Blogger or any other platform, if anyone can point me to a walkthrough on this or to any other free commenting service I would appreciate it.

Thanks also to Shailendra at I Didn't Know That technologoy blog for a straightforward walkthrough on uninstalling Haloscan comments from a Blogger template and replacing them with native Blogger comments, Haloscan's own support page on removing the embedded code, which was installed automatically through a web tool in 2006, is so barely helpful that it could be considered not helpful at all.

I hope to migrate back the 1821 comments left via Haloscan on Curly R's 1232 posts over our first 1252 days, it is possible that these comments will for all practical purposes be lost.

Naughty maid from here.


Rich Tandler


Testing 1, 2, 3. . .

Ben Folsom


Loud and clear, thanks for helping me get right with new comments.



We will be here always Ben,
Comments or not you will be read!
Thanks for the great insight and articles on the Redskins.
It appears I'll be David vs DR WNC. That'll work too

Steve in TN


Dadgum tech nerds. Punt'em!



Fuck Haloscam. I hate those fuckers. I am so glad they finally extracted themselves from my blog. I went back to Blogger comments too and am glad to be back.



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