Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Real Reason to Love the Mike Shanahan Hiring

Because it pisses off Cowboys fans

A conventional wisdom formed as the 2009 season waned once it became apparent that Redskins coach Jim Zorn and Cowboys coach Wade Phillips were both on the hot seat, with Mike Shanahan wanting back in the game the football tastemakers wondered, was Dallas or Washington a better fit?

That conventional wisdom was that Dallas was a better fit because the Cowboys were shovel ready, they were better put together from top to bottom with a reliable quarterback under long term contract, a solid offensive line and a stable of hard running tailbacks.

And if the Cowboys and Redskins were both about the same as far as degree of ownership involvement then why would Mike Shanahan not want to go to Dallas where he could potentially win out quicker?

From listening to Sirius NFL Radio and its non scientific sample of call in Cowboys fans, there was a decent cross section that was going to be really pissed if the Cowboys lost Mike Shanahan to the Redskins, that means to me that Cowboys fans are ready for a change, ready for Wade Phillips to hit the road.

Did the Cowboys lose Mike Shanahan to the Redskins because they were in the playoffs and were unable to make a deal as quickly as the Redskins?

I guess Cowboys fans will have to wait to find that out until after the Eagles kick the shit out of them in the playoffs tonight.

Wade Phillips: Getty Images from here.