Saturday, January 16, 2010

This Is So Crazy There Is No Way It Can Be True


This morning I got an anonymous comment on a thread from last week:

Redskin QB rumor in Philly. Schanahan [sic] wants his old QB Jay Cutler. Philly trades McNabb back to his old hometown in Chicago, Chicago sends Cutler to Redskins. Philly gets draft picks in 3 way deal.

I went on to the intertubes and was unable to find any substantiation, not even a recitation of the rumor. So I have no idea where that comes from.

Still, conceptually there are four reasons this is not a crazy idea:

1. We know the Redskins were interested in Jay Cutler in the 2009 offseason. Ultimately they could not pull it off. In the aftermath of that story there was at least one rumor that the Redskins had made it known to Jay Cutler, way back in April of 2009, that the team was looking at Mike Shanahan as its next coach. Were Mike Shanahan and Jay Cutler just taking a year off from each other?

2. Mike Shanahan would be happy to reunite with Jay Cutler. As the 2009 season wound down and coach Shanahan's name entered the coaching sweepstakes around the league, the Chicago Bears surfaced as potentially a good fit, principally because of coach Shanahan's quote comfort level unquote with Jay.

3. Chicago did not warm up to Jay Cutler. In his first season with the Bears, after turning the league on its ear with demands to be traded away from Denver and new coach Josh McDaniels, Jay set a career high for interceptions. The team and the fans are clearly frustrated and it would not surprise me if Jerry Angelo and the Bears front office was spitballing ways to get one of those first round picks back, or get another proven quarterback with some tread left.

4. Donovan McNabb is the subject of many trade rumors around the league. Despite Eagles coach Andy Reid's assertion that Donovan is his starter for 2010, there is a head of steam among the Eagles faithful that it is time to part ways with Donovan while he still has some trade value. Personally I think that is crazy, the guy has done everything in the world for that franchise and they should be announcing publicly that Dono will be there until he decides to leave football. Nonetheless, coach Reid waffled on his options for 2010 and the fanbase wants him gone. Donovan McNabb is originally from Chicago.

So in this trade scenario the Bears get Donovan McNabb, the Redskins get Jay Cutler and the Eagles get what they always want, more draft picks.

Notwithstanding my serious manlove for Jason Campbell, Jay Cutler would be a good fit with Mike Shanahan in Washington for all the reverse reasons Jim Zorn would not be a good fit with Jay in Chicago.

Stay tuned.

Jay Cutler: Uncredited image from here.




No way, no least I hope not.

Wilbert Montgomery


Well, from a Philadephia perspective, I think this is unlikely but not impossible. If the team wanted to part ways with McNabb, this would be the time to do it. The taste of 8 quarters of thrashing by the cowgirls lingers on in the fans mouths. Additionally, with the underclassman cash grab that this draft is setting-up to be, the Eagles will be looking for ways to stockpile draft picks. I expect them to exercise the option on Vick and send him off to the highest bidder - likely reaping a mid-round pick. Also, this may be the last opportunity to get anything in return for McNabb as he enters the final year of his contract.

It does look like Westbrook's knee may be bringing his career to a close this off-season. The loss of McNabb, Westbrook and Dawkins would by titanic from a leadership perspective.

However, after Culter looked like an arrogant, chumpass QB in Chicago, would the skins really pull the trigger on this trade?

jason heyward


The Bears signing of Peppers and Taylor makes them the 3rd best team in their division...they were the 3rd best prior to the signing. They really need a wide receiver, and that still hasnt been addressed.