Friday, January 08, 2010

Kevin Ewoldt from Hogs Haven and CSN's Rich Tandler on NBC 4

Wait I thought we always wore pajamas

Chris Gordon, longtime reporter for NBC's channel four affiliate in Washington DC, has been making the rounds of area Redskins bloggers to gauge reaction of the media underclass to the firing of Jim Zorn and the hiring of Mike Shanahan. Wednesday I got my thirty seconds on a street corner near Capitol Hill in the piece on the the hiring of coach Shanahan.

Monday Chris caught up with Kevin Ewoldt of Hogs Haven, the SBN big dog Redskins blog, and Rich Tandler, the godfather of Redskins bloggers who writes for Comcast SportsNet Washington and runs his own must read blog Real Redskins, their video is above.

I had a chance to hang with Kevin and Rich and a bunch of other Redskins writers at a Nationals game last season, an event I photodocumented thoroughly and never got around to posting up on, we mostly drank at the Red Loft bar while some guys played baseball behind us.

Redskins blogs and other alt media outlets are steadily gaining influence, the traditional media outlets want to catch the buzz. Twelve thousand monthly visitors cannot be wrong.

Embedded video snarfled from here.