Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blogger Deathsport: Week Three Results


Blogger Deathsport wraps for week three and we have a winner, Brian of Common Prejudice NFL, the football blog best known for creative use of pirated images to communicate complex thoughts about obvious picks.

1. Brian at Common Prejudice NFL with 11 wins and 5 losses. Talk about a rebound.
T-2. Will at Hogs Haven with 9-7, settling back to the mean but still hot so far this year.
T-2. Gonzo at Daily Norseman with 9-7, must be that Coos Bay water.
4. River City Rage at Big Cat Country with 8-8, RCR is as protective of his picks as John McCain is of Sarah Palin, ie neither wants to share.
T-5. TexSkins at Hogs Haven with 7-9, a rats week for Will's little buddy.
T-5. Dagger at Post Game Heroes with 7-9, suffice to say it was not the Steelers pick than sank you.
T-5. Blitzburgh at Behind the Steel Curtain at 7-9, all the little Steeler fans with a tear, a single large tear streaking yellow face paint.
T-5. Gamecocker at Horseshoe Digest with 7-9, not bad for an amateur.
9. Ben at Curly R with 6-10, how do I get this thing out of second gear?
10. And finally Derek at Iggles Blog bringing up the rear with 5-11, and that's with the Eagles win!

Brag post summary: Will, TexSkins and Brian now each has one brag post in reserve. Brag posts never expire.

Season records through three weeks. Parenthetical number is last week's standing; player's standing and percentage in green indicates weekly improvement, red weekly decline, black no change. Will retains his overall lead for the third consecutive week, top four positions are unchanged. Biggest weekly gainer: Brian at 10 percent from 40% to 50%. Biggest weekly losers: Will and Derek, each falling 7%:

1. (1) Will Allensworth: 32-14-1 or 70% with one weekly win
2. (2) TexSkins: 26-20-1 or 57% with one weekly win
3. (3) Dagger: 25-21-1 or 54% with no weekly wins
4. (4) River City Rage: 17-15-0 or 53% with no weekly wins
5. (6) Gonzo: 24-22-1 or 52% with no weekly wins
6. (T-8) Brian Hunter: 23-23-1 or 50% with one weekly win
7. (5) Derek: 21-25-1 or 46% with no weekly wins
T-8. (7) Ben Folsom: 19-27-1 or 41% with no weekly wins
T-8. (T-8) Gamecocker: 19-27-1 or 40% with no weekly wins
10. (10) Blitzburgh: 12-20-0 or 38% with no weekly wins

Pushes are excluded from percentages as they can be neither won not nor lost (there were no pushes this week). Week four picks out from here on yesterday's lines.

NFL map from here via here.