Sunday, October 25, 2009

Can Someone Please Get Me a Fullback That Can Block

If I were tailback Clinton Portis I would be pissed too. Fullback Mike Sellers has fucked up some pretty important plays so far this season, and then for Mike to be a dick about it and blame the media? Mike, you have either fallen off the cliff skills wise or are feeling fat after getting paid or are not paying attention to what you are doing.

Whatever the problem it is costing the team in situations where the game turns.

Example one: Game three at Detroit

Scenario: First quarter, fourth and goal from the one yard line, Washington needs one yard for a touchdown, stretch play left, Mike Sellers is Clinton Portis' lead blocker. Instead of leading Clinton through the hole and clearing a path Mike, at right in image above, casually runs down the line touching each Detroit defender on the helmet going duck, duck, duck,... meanwhile Clinton cuts it upfield for the end zone and with no helper block his goose is cooked. See the play here.

Outcome: Turnover on downs, Redskins go on to lose the game by five points, 19-14 to the previously winless since 2007 Lions.

Example two: Game five at Carolina

Scenario: Second quarter, second and eight from the Washington three yard line, Carolina had just gone for it on fourth and goal from the Washington one and not made it, on first down Jason Campbell had dived for two yards, second down was off tackle right to Clinton Portis, instead of taking on the lead defender coming through the hole, Mike Sellers, at bottom left above, is looking to take on the second defender as Julius Peppers who pushed Stephon Heyer aside like a little kid wrecks Clinton Portis in the end zone. See the play here.

Outcome: Safety, two points awarded to Carolina, Washington went on to lose the game by three points, 20-17 to the previously winless Panthers.

Example three: Game six versus Kansas City

Scenario: Third quarter, first and ten at the Redskins twelve yard line, Clinton Portis busts a long one through left guard for 78 yards, Mike Sellers leads through the hole and makes a great block on Chiefs linebacker Corey Mays at the second level they run together downfield, Mike pushes back safety Mike Brown but does not knock him down, then as Clinton runs out of room near the sideline near the goal line Mike Sellers makes a weak dive to knock Mike Brown out of the way and falls down, Mike Brown easily evades Mike Sellers and tackles Clinton at the ten yard line. If Mike Sellers had forced himself on Mike Brown instead of falling and hoping Mike Brown would wind up under him Clinton is in the end zone for a touchdown. See the play here.

Outcome: Three incomplete Todd Collins passes with goal to go and Shaun Suisham kicks a field goal, the Redskins would eventually lose to the previously winless Chiefs by eight points, 14-6.

Judging from what I am seeing Clinton was totally justified in requesting Mike be removed as Clinton's blocker in game four against Tampa Bay after the Detroit FAIL the week before and it was a prescient request as Mike would go on to make the other two blunders later. Clinton and Mike made up after the Tampa Bay game but that was before Mike let Clinton down on the safety against Carolina.

Then Mike decided it was the media's fault (op. cit.). Grow up dude, check the game tape.

Screencaps by me from NFL Game Rewind.