Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Happened to Burgundy Revolution?

Start of the Purge?

While browsing Dan Dan the Sports Bog man today I noted a reader comment, BurgundyRevolution.com, a vanguard site of the Burgundy Revolution movement, has gone invite only, it has effectively disappeared from the internets.

A little trolling and I learned Fan Exodus discovered the disappearance last night and also noted that the site's @BurgundyRevo Twitter account has been deleted.

BurgundyRevolution.com aka BR burst on the scene late last month, and was a clearinghouse for motivation and direction of the Burgundy Revolution movement. In conjunction with other fan revolt sites and Twitter feeds, BR was a principle pimp of the move for fans to wear all black to last Sunday's game.

BR is a sign of the times, Redskins fans are so fed up that sites in opposition to the current ownership regime are popping up every day, and BR's disappearance concerns me.

I have already heard scuttlebutt that the site runner, who is anonymous, is taking a break. After barely a month? And you took the site down? That sounds as fair weather as the late arriving chardonnay sipping Blackberry reading hummus eating segment of the Redskins fanbase, that would be a total cop out if it were true. You got a prime URL and the freaking Washington Post was linking out to you daily, I know first hand what that does to traffic numbers.

At worst you ride out this wave and if the team makes the right move write a farewell post and leave the blog up dormant as an artifact of the most tumultuous time in modern Redskins history. At best use your platform to transition BR to a regular journal measuring the performance of the team and join the ranks of independent Redskins outlets such as the one you are reading.

Or is it something else, something more sinister? Did the team or someone else come after the site for something it published and the runner just decided to shut it down permanently or at least until he could get things sorted out?

Redskins blogs come and go with regularity, the timing of this one though raises eyebrows and inquiring minds want to know what happened. If the runner is reading this, email me if you want to set the record straight.

Joseph Stalin from here.