Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Found Someone Else Who's Still High on Jason Campbell

And he's not a Redskins fan

Someone is imagining Jason Campbell as a starting quarterback next season and it is a Seahawks blogger.

John Morgan of Field Gulls, the SBN Seattle NFL entry, wrote a post yesterday that trended on my Redskins Twitter feed today, it is one of the better and more objective assessments of Jason Campbell I have seen, go read it to understand the context of the following:

1. I am a hopeless Jason Campbell homer, to the point perhaps of losing perspective, I believe he is not even close to the problem this season and I still firmly believe he has the tools to be good enough to win and I hope he sticks around. More and more I think he will not, he is likely to get swept up in the turnover this offseason and judging from how few people I can convince at this point that Jason is actually having a good season, the public perception is turning against him, and it will become another team's gain.

2. Jason's passer rating for the Eagles game was 91, above both his season and career average. Jason's passer rating has gone up every year.

3. It became public knowledge that Jason is not allowed to call audibles in certain situations after game two against the Rams. The Washington Post story on that is here.

4. Either in response to that story becoming public or as a matter of game planning or situation, Jason had the freedom to call plays at the end of the following game three against the Lions. He appeared to botch hand signals on one play and it was caught on TV. I chronicled it with screenshots here:

Washington's loss in the offseason could be Seattle's gain

Jason Campbell: Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP photo from here.