Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sending the Wrong Message Even in Licensing Agreements

Getting many opportunities this season

As I sit at home blogging on a Saturday night, oh life in the big time and I even have a cup of coffee, not whiskey (yet), the missus called from a friend's house to tell me the Jim Zorn Show was on so I moved into the back room to watch while I work.

The first thing I saw was the Redskins scratcher Virginia Lottery ad, you may have seen it, it features scenes from everyday life, waiting for a bus, the office breakroom, knitting on a park bench (?), actors portraying Redskins players suddenly appear in the shot and disrupt the action, the scene where the guy gets a sandwich out of the office fridge and Redskins number 38 runs in and steals it is pretty funny.

The ad closes with two young ladies sitting on a park bench, one is knitting which seems kind of nonsequitur and drops her ball of yarn, in flies a Redskins player to pounce on fumble, a referee appears in the park and whistles it Redskins yarnball.

I noted though, as you can see in the image above, that the player pouncing on the fumble is wearing number 88, a receiver number. By volume of opportunities a player wearing that number would be most likely to recover a fumble on offense, meaning the play started with Redskins possession and Jason Campbell, eight fumbles so far this season, coughed it up.

If the team had been thinking in script review they would have insisted a man mountain wearing a defensive lineman's number fall on the yarnball.

But it is good to see the fake Redskins have been practicing the fumble recovery drill, at least he did not get up and try to advance the yarnball and possibly fumble it again.

Enjoy your Saturday.

Screencap of Redskins Virginia Lottery ad by me.