Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jim Zorn Relieved of Playcalling Duties

Band aid for a gusher

The Washington Post Redskins Insider and the ORB (Official Redskins Blog) are reporting that Redskins head coach Jim Zorn has been relieved of playcalling duties effective immediately. Coach Zorn met with shadow general manager Vinny Cerrato following tonight's loss to the previously winless Chiefs, Vinny voiced his opinion that coach Zorn quote had too much on his plate unquote and wanted someone else to call plays during games.

Exactly who will be calling plays should be known tomorrow by coach Zorn's regular midday press conference. Conventional wisdom says coach Zorn would want offensive coordinator Sherman Smith to assume gameday playcalling duties. Basic understanding of how the Redskins operate as an organization would indicate Vinny Cerrato would want two week old offensive consultant Sherman Lewis to call plays.

Our old friend Jason La Canfora reports Sherm Lewis will get the call, because he has playcalling experience which we have already chronicled is limited, Jim Zorn may already have more experience calling plays than Sherm Lewis.

As I watch NBC at 11:41 pm Sunday Dan Hellie of NBC 4 is reporting that the deal is already done, Sherm Lewis will be named playcaller tomorrow at the midday presser. Looks like a done deal.

Tony Dungy reacted to this in a way I totally agree with, if you are the coach it is your call to decide who calls the plays. There can be only one coach.

Step one: Management brings in a consultant to review your offense.

Step two: You are relieved of playcalling duties.

Step three: There is no step three.

The emasculation of Jim Zorn continues, at this point he must just be hanging on for the year's salary severance.

Jim Zorn: Nick Waas / AP photo from here.