Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This Has Disaster Written All Over It

While you're at it how bout a coffee

We are well into the ostensible and the nominal as in offensive consultant Sherman Lewis was ostensibly brought in as another set of eyes and Jim Zorn is still nominally the head coach of the Redskins.

We are also into the humiliation phase of the game, not only has coach Zorn been stripped of playcalling duties, not only have they been given to the guy that has been here less than three weeks and is still getting up to speed, John Keim at the Washington Examiner reports that Sherman Lewis will sit in the booth and relay playcalls down to coach Zorn, who will send them into the quarterback.

Check that again, the bingo caller that has been out of football since Brian Orapko was in high school not only got Jim Zorn's favorite part of the job, Jim Zorn has to carry that guy's call into the game.

This has, for management, the convenient dual effect of humiliating Jim Zorn further as he must serve up someone else's playcalls of his team's offense, and of ensuring that if coach is relaying plays into the game that he is not free to manage the game. Kind of like not only fucking another guy's wife but making him hang out with a towel for when you are done instead of letting him watch TV in the next room.

They took away his authority to call plays but left him with the responsibility to get the plays into the game.

Red stapler at this point.

Jim Zorn: AP photo from here.