Friday, October 02, 2009

Bags Over Heads Coming to Redskins Stadium

Yep we're there

First it was a fed up fan selling his football loyalty to another team. Now bags for your head have arrived. We are nearing crush depth.

The Grooming Guys are running a promotion this week, if you drop by one of their men's Grooming Lounges they will give you a brown paper bag to wear over your head at the Buccaneers game, they are even offering to give you a shave kit if you take a picture of yourself wearing the bag at the game.

I insist Curly R readers participate in this promotion, whether or not you are going to the game. I will even promote humbling acts of Redskins fans in anguish, email me a picture of yourself wearing a bag over your head or in some other act of self flagellation along with a testimony to your suffering, I shall post them regularly through the season and we shall all go down with the ship.

If you are on Metro tomorrow get off at Farragut North, by Connecticut Avenue / Mayflower Hotel and stop in the L Street store. If you live or work out at Tyson's, head over to the store in the Galleria.

Let us honor Grooming Guys for being fashion forward, they are Redskins fans and along with the Junkies the first to suggest the time for a bag over your head is here. Gentlemen, patronize the place by buying a shave brush for your dad or a new travel bag for yourself. Ladies, pick up something for the man in your life, you never know what could happen on a Friday night with a leather strop.

Bengals fan with a bag over his head: Andy Lyons / Getty Images from here. It would appear Redskins fans are now linked with Bengals fans in more ways than one.