Saturday, October 24, 2009

What A Jim Zorn Looks Like After You Cut Off Its Balls

The face of a man going through the motions

As I mentioned in the previous piece, I am sitting at home on a Saturday night drinking coffee and watching the Jim Zorn Show in between rewatching the Kansas City game for the as yet nonexistent gamewrap, I wanted to draw Redskins fan attention to the first thing I saw when I turned it on.

Here is the exchange:

Dan Hellie: Coach this may be an ignorant question but I just have to ask it because everybody's thinking, how can a guy, Sherman Lewis, who's only been here two and a half weeks or so possibly be able to call plays with an offense that he is not familiar with in terms of the personnel, it seems like it's going to be so difficult, you're going to have to be a huge part of that process.

Jim Zorn: [makes face you see above] Uh, we-we've been working all week, uh, just trying to gear up for that. It's going to very difficult. [pause] That's all I can tell you, it's going to be hard. [pause] And maybe he'll make it look easy.

The supposed vote of confidence means nothing. Coach Zorn's body language, the sagging face, a normally verbose and engaging Jim Zorn has fallen even past the talking points, when your offensive minded head coach's opinion on how the offense is going to run in the very next game is it's going to be difficult, it's going to be hard then he is lost.

Expect the players to follow.

Screencap of the Jimn Zorn Show by me.