Monday, August 18, 2008

Ahead for Goode

A present? For me?

Takeaway drill: Brett played; Washington's starting offense is flashy but weak, the game settled into preseason swamp ass, Colt Brennan came through again, this time on his 25th birthday.


Sunday Monday walkthrough: Redskins starters have a relatively weak outing before turning the game over to the backups and scrubs, lots of inconsistent play before pulling off a late comeback punctuated by some poor New York coaching, beat the Jets 13-10 in New York to move to 3-0 on the preseason.

After the odd pregame introduction of Jets quarterback Brett Favre the Jets took the first first quarter possession and moved easily until Marcus Washington (the first thing I've heard of him this preseason) sacked Brett and the Jets punted. Jason Campbell and all starts save Clinton Portis (Ladell Betts started) got the ball back and Jason threw a floater that was tipped and almost intercepted. Nothing for the Redskins on the opening drive. The Jets scored easily on the next drive to go 7-0 Jets. On the Redskins second possession Randy Thomas hurt himself blocking Jets linebacker Eric Barton right into ball carrier Rock Cartwright. Randy was behind the play and strained his knee lunging. Then Ladell Betts crumpled when his right knee was turned around. They both should be fine but Why. Preseason. Sucks. The quarter ended 7-0 Jets with the Redskins driving deep in Jets territory.

The second quarter started literally with Shaun Suisham kicking a 30 yard field goal to bring the Redskins to 7-3 Jets. Brett Favre and Jason Campbell were out, Todd Collins was in; Maurice Mann should have made that catch; Rob Jackson with the huge sack of Kellen Clemens; nice draw play run for 75 yards by Rock Cartwright; bad pass interference penalty on Billy McMullen at the goal line; Chad Rinehart missed a crucial block that led to the hit that took Todd Collins out of the game. Derek Devine's first pass was intercepted, ruining the 75 yard run. The sloppy half ended 7-3 Jets.

Todd Collins came back in for the third quarter, still no Colt Brennan. The offense looked pretty good, Shaun Suisham kicked a 36 yard field goal to bring the Redskins to 7-6 Jets. The Redskins defense looked good, playing with solid backups at this point. Too many arm tackles though. The Jets kicker Ted Nugent missed a field goal. Derek Devine came back into the game and the quarter ended with the Jets on fourth down and leading 7-6.

The Jets punted to start the fourth quarter and Colt Brennan came in. And the Redskins punted. The Jets managed a field goal to make it 10-6 Jets. The Redskins defense looked pretty good during this span. Then Colt got sacked and the Redskins punted. When Colt got back on the field he threw a bomb to Billy McMullen, then a long run by Marcus Mason then a sack of Colt Brennan. Clock does not stop, a test of how Colt handles the drill, then TE Jason Goode catches it short over the middle, wrestles away from coverage and runs it in for a touchdown, four plays 80 yards, Redskins take the lead 13-10. Jets come back in under a minute and WR Paul Raymond drops a TD catch with five seconds left in the game. Jets opt to go for the win then change mind and go for the tie, no one wants to see overtime preseason football, Ted Nugent shanks a 23 yarder, barely more than an extra point, off the left upright, game over, Redskins win 13-10.


Soapbox: Redskins broadcast network botched the opening, static while Kelli Johnson gave the sideline preview, a technical difficulty noted with play it off double fake irony by Joe Theismann. He was on Monday Night Football and now it's amateur hour. Oh and the announcers? I like Mike Patrick and Joe Theismann but come on guys, wear suits. The all black Joe Gibbs II logo polos is downscale.

Ok it's just weird to see Brett Favre in a Jets jersey. And weird to see how easily the Jets moved down the field.

Boneheaded move by Devin Thomas to run all the way out of bounds on the first punt. That's a 15 yard unsportsmanlike.

Nice Jason Campbell Geico commercial, he gets lol'ed by a doofus agent that lost the breath mint endorsement but did manage to save a bunch of money on his car insurance.

An even better commercial for Russell Athletics Redskins preseason, Marcus Washington playing Madden football and sacking Tony Romo as himself again and again and again.

In the first two drives for the starters on both sides, the offense was one and one on quality, the defense was a sucky oh for two.

This was a sloppy game, it became borderline unwatchable by midway through the second quarter. At points I was truly daydreaming.

Santana needs to get a PR guy.


Chattering class:


Omnibus: some interesting discussion of football fundamentals on the broadcast with many examples highlighted by Jets center Nick Mangold stepping on Kellen Clemens' foot at the snap.

Marcus Mason came in at the end of the second quarter, by the beginning of the third quarter Mike Patrick called Marcus a guy you don't want to risk putting on the practice squad followed by the video piece on Marcus and the Joe Theismann gushing followed by Marcus carrying the ball 18 yards through the middle on the next play. More Joe & Mike gushing late in the third quarter. Marcus blasted a big one on first and ten in the fourth, The guy is going to make the team.


Zorn Addiction: spotighted on the broadcast in the second quarter, we saw the bag drill, the rationale and then the shot of Mr. Blue Sharpie with Joe Theismann gushing. Jim Zorn is awesome, I hope he doesn't spend so much time trying to develop the quarterbacks that he neglects the rest. The broadcast halftime piece was a Joe Theismann-Jim Zorn interview. Jim (active 1976-1987) and Joe (active 1974-1985) are NFL contemporaries. Jim made no bones about averting comparisons to Joe Gibbs, the salience of which goes without saying but bears repeating.

Shooter: Jason looked decent, floated a couple in the second drive. Was due for a blah game, no INTs, no fumbles so he's got that going for him.

Coltrolled: Colt celebrated his 25th birthday Saturday night, did not get into the game until the start of the fourth quarter. The broadcast immediately spotlighted Jim Zorn talking about how Colt needs to broaden his game, you can't stay a sidewinder and be your best. Was ineffective through the first half of the fourth, taking a ten yard sack on third down midway through. And then, that Colt Brennan magic. A long pass to Billy McMullen, a solid Marcus Mason run and a 33 yard TD pass to bubble tight end Jason Goode and the Redskins were ahead for good.

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Jason Goode catching Colt Brennan's touchdown pass: Bill Kostroun / AP photo from here.