Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Colt Brennan Chronicles - 5 August 2008

Oww my bum

So Colt Brennan came in and led the Redskins to 21 unanswered points and a preseason win over the Colts. Today in practice coach Jim Zorn said Colt needs to get better:

Zorn liked what he saw from the draft class for the most part. QB Colt Brennan's performance grabbed some headlines, as he went 9-of-10 for 123 yards and two touchdowns, but after reviewing film of the game Zorn wants to see fewer passes put up for grabs. "He has to become a more disciplined quarterback, and not risk as much as he risked in the game," Zorn said, while praising Brennan's exuberance and flair.

Just a hunch but coach Zorn was probably worrying on the 3rd quarter 2nd and 10 26 yard throw to Jason Goode, a pass that went right through the hands of Colts linebacker Brandon Archer. Even Colt acknowledged after the play with his body language that it was a risky throw, John Madden got on him for throwing that pass with a safety prowling.

Guessing here but coach Zorn was not talking about the 3rd quarter 3rd and 7 34 yard drop in completion to Billy McMullen or the 3rd quarter 3rd and 6 20 yard TD pass to Maurice Mann or the 4th quarter breaking away from pocket pressure rolling right 3rd & 5 5 yard TD pass to Marcus Mason. Play by play here.


Today in practice we learned that Colt strained a buttock. Lucky for the training staff Colt's shit don't stink so ice and deep tissue massage are pleasurable for all.

Colt Brennan dreadlocks from here.