Saturday, August 16, 2008

Preseason Game 3: Redskins (2-0) at Jets (1-0)


The Redskins of Maryland travel to play the Jets of New Jersey where Brett Favre of Green Bay will make his first start as the quarterback of New York in a game that does not matter.

How is this going to work out for the Jets? Brett Favre is an old guy, ancient in football years and he just showed up to camp on the eve of the Jets' first preseason game. He has to learn a new offense and will be coached by Eric Mangini, a man more than a year younger than Brett.

And how's this for some shit, see if you can tell which team is overthinking: the Packers sent Brett to the Jets because the team did not want Brett playing in the NFC North for the Vikings, where Brett would get to play the Packers twice a year for as long as he can hang on. Once he arrived at the Jets, New York gave Chad Pennington his unconditional release so he could continue his career elsewhere. Chad has been with the team longer than coach Mangini and knows the offense inside and out. Chad immediately signs with the Dolphins who likely will name Chad their starter for the regular season meaning he will get to play the Jets twice a year for as long as Chad can hang on.

Meanwhile the Packers missed a chance to honor Brett and go where he pleased, be damned if the team would let his signing with a division rival get to them, I mean do you really think when Brett enters Lambeau Field in purple in week one that the Packer fans would boo? Hells no son, they would cheer their asses off and the team could have come out as the bigger man in this deal, let Brett have his way and if he put a thumping on Green Bay then so be it, how long can he really hang on?

But I digress, this is a Redskins blog. So let's talk about Brett and the Redskins and how since his first NFL pass was returned for a touchdown by Redskins linebacker Andre Collins (gawd we were wasted and laughing at that point). Since then Brett has gone on to a 4-0 record against the Redskins, all with Green Bay, though he has thrown more interceptions (six) in those four games than touchdowns (four). If Sean Taylor were not so starcrossed at Brett's inaccuracy last season, Sean could have come down with three more than the two he did pull in.

So this game is really about working out the younger players, continuing to install the offense and not getting hurt.

Curly R aside: it is official, this is Vinny Cerrato's team. Recalcitrant in the past to give interviews for fear of being savaged, Vinny gave one to Mike Wise at the Washington Post, this is a signal that Vinny is in charge, is comfortable with it and is willing to invest a little reputation capital in public relations now that things are generally going well for the team. Bonus in this piece, a dig by Vinny on Jason La Canfora who is relentlessly negative about Vinny, and a frank discussion of Vinny's own assessment of his bests and worsts. Worst free agent signing: Adam Archuleta, worst trade: Brandon Lloyd, conflatulations Captain Vinny of the Obvious. Some advice to Vinny, don't quote combat the blogs unquote. We will still be here when you are long gone.

Speaking of injuries this week we learned that Jason Taylor has plantar fascitis on both feet and has at least the last two years and that it is something he manages. Still, that is the part of the body you walk and run on and that can't feel good. Antwaan Randle El still has a hamstring strain and his wrist was stepped on in the Bills game, he is a game time decision. Carlos Rogers has come back from his gruesome knee injury faster than expected, he may play. LaRon Landry is still out with his hamstring, the bane of the Redskins' existence (all op. cit.).

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