Sunday, August 03, 2008

Preseason Game 1: Redskins (0-0) vs. Colts (0-0)


Football is back and it is an all Redskins weekend in Canton Ohio. When they called Art Monk's name yesterday it was four minutes before he could begin speaking. Tonight in the pregame announcements, they ran the other four guys out before Art and Darrell Green, it's all Redskins fans there tonight at the Hall of Fame Game.

Many premiere Redskins players will not participate tonight, it is precautious and the Redskins are again this year experiencing a rash of injuries. And twice now I have read about the possibility of the Redskins having to pay out injury settlements due to the large number of injuries (here and here). I do not understand exactly how this system works though I can assume more is bad.

Coach Jim Zorn announced his QB rotation for this game, Jason Campbell for a drive or two, then Todd Collins for the rest of the first half then Colt Brennan, and I suppose possibly Derek Devine for the second half.

Let's just not have any injuries and run around a little.

Will at Hogs Haven is around after all, his preview is here, game thread is here, SB Nation blog Stampede Blue has the Colts game thread. Brian Mulholland at Hog Heaven goes over defensive tackles. Jason La Canfora at Redskins Insider has fun with the Redskins' nonsensical preseason depth chart. Matt Terl at the ORB (Official Redskins Blog) has pregame on the punters' duel.

Blogger Chris Cooley wades into some territory maybe an active player should not, and I know he is being cynical in that well if Brett Favre takes the 20 million dollars to retire then before you know it, it will be commonplace for teams to buy out stars and even rival teams to buy opposing players into retirement. As a rule the owners do not like to be made fun of publicly by players and Chris just wrote that NFL organizations have seemingly endless amounts of money. We will see what Chris' position is and the positions of the union are when the league locks out the players in 2011 to force the union to accept smaller contracts and a rookie salary cap. Another good piece on the simmering management-labor strife is here.

I'll be around teh tubes, watching, judging.

This is a gameday open thread.