Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Blogger Deathsport: Week Five Results

Damn Will

Blogger Deathsport wraps for week five with Will Allensworth on a tear, winning this pool by two games and four games above the weekly average. This makes two brag posts for Will, the rest of us can continue comfortably to assume we will never see them. Your week five results:

1. Will with 11 wins, one loss and two pushes, he is running the pick 'em version of the single wing.
2. Gonzo at 9-3-2, changing his name to Gonzo Nueve Tres.
3. River City Rage at 8-4-2, just another Jaguars fan dying of boredom.
4. Derek at Iggles Blog at 7-5-2, significantly better than his namesake Eagles.
T-5. TexSkins at 6-6-2, like the Browns his picks look better at a distance.
T-5. Brian Hunter at 6-6-2, when coach said find the hole he did not mean a prostitute's.
T-5. Blitzburgh at 6-6-2, no pads will cover those shoulders.
T-5. Ben Folsom at 6-6-2, not even an NFL player and can't handle the brutality of a full season.
T-9. Dagger at 5-7-2, fumbled snap, botched handoff, blind side sack, pick your metaphor.
T-9. Gamecocker at 5-7-2, that's not toothpaste that's Ben Gay.

Brag post summary: Will has two brag posts, TexSkins and Brian each has one brag post in reserve. Brag posts never expire.

Season records through five weeks. Will retains his overall lead for the fifth consecutive week and incredibly adds five percentage points. Biggest weekly gainers: Will plus 5% and Gonzo plus 4% and jumps two spots, none of the losers drops more than two percentage points:

1. (1) Will Allensworth at 48-22-3 or 69% with two weekly wins
2. (2) River City Rage at 34-23-2 or 60% with no weekly wins
3. (5) Gonzo at 39-32-3 or 55% with no weekly wins
4. (3) TexSkins at 38-32-3 or 54% with one weekly win
5. (4) Dagger at 37-34-3 or 52% with no weekly wins
6. (6) Derek at 36-35-3 51% with no weekly wins
7. (6) Brian Hunter at 35-36-3 or 49% with one weekly win
8. (8) Ben Folsom at 34-37-3 or 48% with no weekly wins
9. (9) Gamecocker at 32-39-3or 45% with no weekly wins
10. (10) Blitzburgh at 25-32-2 or 44% with no weekly wins

Pushes are excluded from percentages as they can be neither won not nor lost (there were two pushes this week). Week six picks out from here on today's lines.

NFL map from here via here.