Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blogger Deathsport: Week Six Results

The Joe the Plumber of football pools

Blogger Deathsport wraps for week six, Will is still humming along but this week he is the sidekick as TexSkins takes the week. Your week six results:

1. TexSkins with 11 wins and 3 losses, doesn't change the fact that he pals around with terrorists.
2. Blitzburgh at 10-4, the Bob Barr of the pool.
T-3. Will Allensworth at 9-5, still insisting TexSkins will raise your taxes.
T-3. Derek at 9-5, comes to blog meetings with street money.
5. Brian Hunter at 8-6, makes Bernie Sanders look like Rick Santorum.
6. Dagger at 7-7, now the second secessionist I know.
7. Ben Folsom at 6-8, thinks Barack's passion has a two drink minimum.
T-8. River City Rage at 5-9, focused on a worthwhile objective.
T-8. Gonzo at 5-9, the Paul Wellstone of his gun club.
T-8. Gamecocker at 5-9, with Steve Spurrier in the gulag.

Brag post summary: Will and TexSkins each has two brag posts, Brian can has one brag post. Brag posts never expire.

Season records through six weeks. :

1. (1) Will Allensworth at 57-27-3 or 68% with two weekly wins
2. (4) TexSkins at 49-35-3 or 58% with two weekly wins
3. (2) River City Rage at 39-32-2 or 55% with no weekly wins
4. (6) Derek at 45-40-3 or 53% with no weekly wins
T-5. (5) Dagger at 44-41-3 or 52% with no weekly wins
T-5. (3) Gonzo at 44-41-3 or 52% with no weekly wins
7. (7) Brian Hunter at 43-42-3 or 51% with one weekly win
8. (10) Blitzburgh at 35-36-2 or 49% with no weekly wins
9. (8) Ben Folsom at 40-45-3 or 47% with no weekly wins
10. (9) Gamecocker at 37-48-3 or 44% with no weekly wins

Pushes are excluded from percentages as they can be neither won not nor lost (there were two pushes this week). Week seven picks out from here on Wednesday's lines.

NFL map from here via here.