Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blogger Deathsport: Week Seven Results

As regular as Old Faithful on 40% bran flakes

Blogger Deathsport wraps for week seven, Brian takes the week and the brag post rich get richer:

1. Brian Hunter on a tiebreak with 8 wins and 6 losses. Secretary of Untraceable Donations.
2. Ben Folsom at 8-6, Secretary of Detritus
T-3. Will Allensworth at 7-7, Secretary of Manageable Third Downs
T-3. TexSkins at 7-7, Secretary of Ball Flow
T-3. Derek at 7-7, Secretary of Nonreasonable Expectations
T-3. Gamecocker at 7-7, Secretary of Mixed Messaging
T-7. Dagger at 5-9, Secretary of What Was I Saying
T-7. Gonzo at 5-9, Secretary of Behind the Curve
9. Blitzburgh at 4-10, Secretary of That Not So Fresh Feeling
10. River City Rage at 0-14, even when doing the lord's work the lord wants you to make picks.

Brag post summary: Will, TexSkins and Brian each has two brag posts. Brag posts never expire.

Season records through seven weeks, Will is still on top despite his percentage dropping three weeks in a row, Brian rockets three places in one week:

1. (1) Will Allensworth at 64-34-3 or 65% with two weekly wins
2. (2) TexSkins at 56-42-3 or 57% with two weekly wins
3. (4) Derek at 52-47-3 or 53% with no weekly wins
4. (7) Brian Hunter 51-48-3 or 52% with two weekly wins
T-5. (5) Dagger at 49-50-3 or 49% with no weekly wins
T-5. (5) Gonzo at 49-50-3 or 49% with no weekly wins
7. (9) Ben Folsom at 48-51-3 or 48% with no weekly wins
T-8. (8) Blitzburgh at 39-46-2 or 46% with no weekly wins
T-8. (3) River City Rage at 39-46-2 or 46% with no weekly wins
10. (10) Gamecocker at 44-55-3 or 44% with no weekly wins

Pushes are excluded from percentages as they can be neither won not nor lost (there were no pushes this week).

NFL map from here via here.


Emily G.


Where did you get that map image? It's awesome and I can't find a big enough copy to print it!