Friday, October 10, 2008


The last number 17

Today I read the first reference to home field advantage throughout the playoffs (emphasis added):

Since [the Giants game to open the season] the Redskins have won four consecutive games, including a home victory over NFC West-leading Arizona and back-to-back road triumphs over NFC East rivals Dallas and Philadelphia. They have yet to turn the ball over on offense, and there’s no sense that an October Surprise is lurking to derail them.

It sounds strange, but this is a team that has a very legitimate chance to earn home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

Washington’s next three opponents – the Rams, Browns and Lions – have a combined 1-11 record. If the Redskins don’t falter, they’ll be 7-1 at the midpoint of the season. After that comes a tough Monday-night test against the Steelers at home, followed by a bye week.

It’s true that the Redskins play in football’s toughest division, but they’ll host all three NFC East foes at FedEx Field in the second half. Could their Nov. 30 rematch against the Giants turn out to be the conference’s pivotal regular-season game?

I cannot even see that far. Redskins fans, we need to make a pact to chill the fuck out on all the Super Bowl talk. If the team continues its trajectory or even just its current pace all the talking heads of the world, the pundits, the writers and the shit disturbers are going to start coming out of the woodwork with heavy praise and optimistic projections, all in a collective attempt either to prove they had the foresight early if the Redskins do make a playoff run or to set up the inevitable series of tut tuts and how could we have thoughts if the Redskins collapse or even just miss.

We cannot stop them from lauding the team, I personally am not ready to strut it out and talk trash, this team has disappointed me too many times and despite its veteran makeup and promising rookies, we are talking about a quarterback that did not look in charge last season, a rookie head coach that was not recruited for that position, a defensive coordinator that was bribed out of retirement (see also here) and a most meddlesome owner.

No, we cannot stop the hype from building so as fans let us join together and keep it medium, don't buy it yet, neither the team nor we have earned it.

Super Bowl 22 MVP Doug Williams: uncredited image from here.