Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stubbing Their Own Toe: Shaun Alexander

Like I said

So it was bullshit, the question was never whether the Redskins should carry three or four tailbacks but rather whether the team should carry two or three because it looks like coach Jim Zorn agrees with me and Mike Wise that Rock Cartwright is not an option to carry the ball but wait guys I totally know this guy that I used to work with in Seattle, yeah don't worry that no one would even touch him these past six months, he's ready to come right in and help this team when every game is about the playoffs starting this week you betcha.


And now we welcome Shaun Alexander. Backup tailback Ladell Betts, who had seven carries for 32 yards Sunday against the Rams, injured his knee in the fourth quarter (op. cit.) and I did not recall Ladell's injury being an issue in the game, it merited a Monday MRI. This morning at breakfast I read, it being the paper obviously from yesterday's (Monday's) news, that Ladell would be out at least a week, Redskins Insider later reported two weeks, then four, that the injury was quote not serious unquote, and that the Redskins were bringing former Seahawks former tailback and NFL MVP Shaun Alexander in for a tryout.

And that the Redskins may cut Ladell when he comes back from injury? I hope this is just Jason La Canfora speculating.

The Seahawks cut Shaun in April, he had signed an eight year 26 million dollar deal in 2006 and played only two seasons on it.

Shaun has been a free agent since April and not signed with anyone. There was no one that wanted the recent former MVP, 2006 same as Jason Taylor, not even for the veteran minimum.

Now Shaun is supposed to come in and be the second string tailback, with Ladell out two weeks, shit man what the hell happened to not being able to carry four tailbacks because Marcus Mason just didn't have it? I am not even sure Marcus would want to come back. Why the hell isn't Rock Cartwright, mr. third string tailback getting the look? Because I thought I was in the minority that thought Rock was never going to be an option as a featured back and now suddenly coach is of my opinion.

Here is another thought, courtesy of Jason La Canfora. With all the tailbacks hurt or unproductive lately, Jospeh Addai, Felix Jones, Brian Westbrook and still no signy signy, and the Bengals, Saints and Lions all taking a pass after trying Shaun out, what are the other 31 teams in the league seeing that the Redskins are missing?

Is Jim Zorn trying to do everything he can to do a solid for his old playmaker? If he does will it cost the Redskins?

Will Shaun Alexander arrive in game shape and ready to carry the ball 10 times and not fumble from lack of work in this weekend's game against the Browns, a team that just embarrassed the Giants on Monday Night Football? Because if Ladell is going to be out two weeks and it takes two weeks for Shaun to get into game shape and learn the basic plays then it is kind of a wash.

And then what? You are going to cut Shaun when Ladell comes back? This does not end well for the Redskins.

Marcus Mason scoring in the Titans preseason game: Joe Murphy / Getty Images