Thursday, October 02, 2008

Eagles Week: Feel the Love

Reflecting on a career's worth of accomplishments

It's time to feel the love again, the Redskins play the Eagles in Philadelphia on Sunday, lifetime Eagles fan, season ticket holder and Curly R reader/lurker Wilbert Montgomery and I will be there, this will be the 18th of the past 19 Eagles-Redskins games we have attended regardless of venue, and the 16th in a row for me, this is the tenth year of our tradition that spans three stadiums and six Redskins coaches.

Over the games I have attended the Redskins are 5-12:

YearLocationRedskins outcome

2000@PHIDid not attend










At my first game in Philadephia in 1999 at Veterans Stadium, I narrowly avoided getting two cans of silly string in the face from low budget mascot Swoop, the poor bastard Redskins fan that got it instead of me was projected onto the stadium big screen in front of the whole stadium.

The 2001 game in Washington was the post anthrax pepper spray Monday Night Football game and the 2002 game in Philadelphia was the last regular season game at Veterans Stadium.

Wilbert Montgomery and I have different streaks going, I last missed a Redskins-Eagles game in 2000, Wilbert Montgomery missed the game in Philadelphia in 2004, he gave the tickets to me and the wife, this was one week after the Terrell Owens Nicollette Sheridan Desperate Housewives MNF skit and to hilarious effect there were multiple Eagles fans in the stadium wearing white towels and blond wigs, it was mighty cold that day to be wearing only a towel. That game was part of the brutal seven game losing streak from 2001 to 2004.

The 2006 game in Philadelphia was the first time I wore a Redskins jersey at Eagles Stadium and some drunkass stole the Redskins hat my dad gave me in high school, this is chronicled in the Game Journal linked above. At the game in Washington that year Wilbert Montgomery and I almost spent the night in the Redskins Stadium parking lot as I accidentally ran my battery down listening to music and Sirius NFL Radio in the lot.


And now your model Eagles fans for the week. First a drunk guy at Eagles Stadium trying to peek up a fellow fan's skirt. Of note is the camera man appears to have caught the peeper only when he put his camera on her in the first place.

And then a super hammered drunk face painter on the train home after a game, with helpful transcription of his phone call.

Eagles-Redskins in three days.

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