Thursday, October 02, 2008

"There's a difference between bad boys and naughty boys"

Yes it is true being a sarcastic drunk is not like dealing cocaine

I got a good laugh today listening to a special edition of the Sirius Blitz hosted by Adam Schein and John Riggins on Sirius NFL Radio. They were discussing among other things former Broncos tailback Travis Henry's arrest for cocaine dealing, and how the Broncos got rid of Javon Walker after he got a bad attitude and if receiver Brandon Marshall had not turned his attitude around he almost found himself on the street as well.

Then Riggo says quote there's a difference between bad boys and naughty boys unquote.

I guess the Diesel would know, the guy held out in 1980, a time when players did not hold out often and it tanked then Redskins coach Jack Pardee. Riggo met Joe Gibbs for the first time in 1981 camo holding a gun and a can of beer at 9 in the morning. A well known drunk he once told female Supreme Court Sandra Day O'Connor to quote lighten up unquote. He was living in a storage unit for a while after his divorce. He was arrested in Arlington Virginia in 1992 for DUI.

I hope we hear more of Riggo on Sirius NFL Radio.

John Riggins plowing through the Cowboys line in the 1983 NFC Championship Game from here.