Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blogger Deathsport: Week Seven Picks

We are coming to you from the year one nine nine nine

Wednesday 29 Oct update: results for week seven finally in, Curly R went 8-6, tied with first but we lost on a tiebreak, we are still in the bottom half of the draw.

Blogger Deathsport rolls on, week seven is here and it seems like the NFL is all around me just not with me. Your players:

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Weekly picks from Wednesday here, and now your picks:

SF @ NYG (-10.5)
Pick: 49ers. This is an example of a pick that makes me uncomfortable either way.
Result: Giants. And Mike Nolan exits stage right.

PIT (-10) @ CIN
Pick: Bengals. Division game at home, if Cincinnati can't save this line then I am done with them. Until 14 December that is.
Result: Steelers. Now I am getting worried for Washington's MNF date with Pittsburgh.

TEN (-8) @ KC
Pick: Titans. Rollin rollin rollin on a river.
Result: Titans. The best 6-0 team in the league.

MIN @ CHI (-3)
Pick: Bears. This is a lock.
Result: Bears. A barnburner? Who'da thunk it.

SD @ BUF (off the board = straight up even)
Pick: Bills. Have to take home team here.
Result: Bills. If the Chargers are going to get better they will have to start with 3-4.

NO @ CAR (-3)
Pick: Panthers. I would have put this line at least minus five.
Result: Panthers. Wow the Saints took it in the fleur de lis this week.

DAL (-7) @ STL
Pick: Rams. Dallas is teetering.
Result: Rams. I hope I look back and see this was the tipping point.

BAL @ MIA (-3)
Pick: Dolphins. Baltimore is huh huh eh done.
Result: Ravens. Who are these teams?

DET @ HOU (-8.5)
Pick: Lions. Prediction is Texans win, do not cover.
Result: Lions. My prediction was exactly correct.

NYJ (-3) @ OAK
Pick: Jets. Because who can pick Oakland with a straight face.
Result: Oakland. Wow New York should be ashamed of itself.

IND (-1.5) @ GB
Pick: Packers. The Colts are looking more like a regular NFL team so I go with the home pick.
Result: Packers. The Colts make regular look good.

CLE @ WAS (-7)
Pick: Redskins. Because that line is about right.
Result: Browns. My first string happy to be wrong on this one for the week.

SEA @ TB (-10.5)
Pick: Buccaneers. Traveling east is a thing they can never figure out in Seattle.
Result: Seahawks. By a fucking half point.

DEN @ NE (-3)
Pick: Patriots. Lots of offense in this game.
Score: 23-13
Result: Patriots. By New England that is.

Alice Cooper in John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness from here.