Wednesday, September 19, 2007

That's One

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Let the comparisons begin and be they favorable. Rick Snider at the Washington Examiner has invoked* Mark Rypien, the last quarterback to bring the Redskins a Super Bowl, in his Jason Campbell column today.

Mark was drafted by the Redskins in sixth round of the 1986 draft out of Washington State University. He did not appear in a regular season game until his third season in 1988. Through the 1989 and 1990 seasons Mark split time with Doug Williams, Stan Humphries and Jeff Rutledge and had developed something of a reputation as a fumbler, at times unable to handle even the basic center-quarterback exchange.

But come 1991 and it all came together. In the Super Bowl season of 1991 Mark threw 28 touchdowns against 11 interceptions with a 97.9 rating and the Hogs nearly set a league record for fewest sacks in a season with nine.

Curly R aside: the Redskins had home field advantage locked up throughout the 1991 playoffs. The team went into the season finale against the Eagles holding the record for fewest sacks at six. That's right, the 1991 Redskins gave up a grand total of six sacks in 15 games and we all know Mark Rypien was not a mobile quarterback. The Eagles were out of the playoff race and playing for pride and Joe Gibbs played the starters one series and then put in the backups. Mark was sacked once and Jeff Rutledge was sacked twice, thus putting the record out of reach. Another reason I hate the Eagles.

Mark also had the most completions over 20 yards that season of any quarterback. Mark could throw a deep ball and the Redskins had a trio of receivers that could get up under it.
We have already seen through two games that Jason can toss it deep. The chattering class is starting to put him into good company.

* Note the typo in the title of this piece, Rick let me know if you want me to review your copy, I'll do it for free, just a credit in the agate.
Mark Rypien Super Bowl 26 MVP from here.