Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cheap and Hungry

Step one is making the roster

Lost in the hubbub of Clinton Portis' meltdown then miraculous knee recovery, whether Ladell Betts is getting paid too much to be a backup and if Rock Cartwright is a viable ball carrier is the matter of the Redskins number four running back, Marcus Mason.

Well not lost to readers of Curly R. Marcus Mason caught the eye of this publication in the first televised scrimmage against Baltimore and since then he has consistently and relentlessly made the best of every chance he had to carry the ball, scoring touchdowns and shredding defenses. Curly R pushed for Marcus Mason to make the roster and the entire staff is proud of him and humbled by the unprecedented level of infuence this small publication has with the team.*

He had a good turn in the first preseason game against the Titans, scoring the only offesnive touchdown. As recently as the second preseason game against the Steelers Marcus Mason was a longshot to make the team, a camprat, practice fodder. He had one carry in the third game against the Ravens but then again most of the time in the game he would have played never came due to freakishly bad exploding storms. He blew up in the fourth game against the Jaguars with 12 carries for 54 yards, playing in the first, second and third quarters.

After that game Derrick Blaylock mysteriously went on injured reserve with a heel injury but like I told the cops I was here home whole time and I don't even know where Derrick lives. Marcus then didn't get cut so the team never had to worry about him pathing through waiverth and getting thnarfed up by another team.

Now it looks like he may make the active roster this Sunday which should tell you something. Clinton Portis thinks he's 100 percent but the PTB think he's not so they want a viable third tailback. Rock Cartwright is a superb return man but not an option as a regular ball carrier. Marcus Mason is Clinton's insurance policy, waiting for an opportunity.

Welcome to the Redskins Marcus, this is your shot, see you Sunday.

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